Home Renovations

Renovating Your Home is a process that needs study, planning and must be done methodically. There are many tasks with technical requirements requiring knowledge and continuous supervision in order to have the desired effect both aesthetically and technically.

Petroulakis – Renovation & Construction undertakes the partial or complete renovation of your apartment, your residence or your apartment building with consistency and reliability. We design on your own needs and wishes, takes care of ergonomics and aesthetics, but at the same time gives importance to the energy consumption and safety. And all of this is done at the agreed time and cost.

We Offer:

  1. Free Visit by our Engineer to your location for evaluation and evaluation of the project.
  2. Written agreement with locked budget and delivery time.
  3. Exempting the customer from any bureaucratic process eg licenses, public services etc.
  4. Supervision of the Project by an Engineer with whom the client will speak exclusively for any questions or information.
  5. Delivering the Worksite and Common Spaces after their day-to-day work in good condition.
  6. Flexible Payment policies
  7. After-sale services

What you Earn:

  • Project Control without hassle. The coordination of the different crews and technicians, the delivery of the materials and tasks is our responsibility.
  • Time. Construction has been recorded in the written agreement and there is a locked delivery date.
  • Quality. You have the result you want with the safety of work and materials.
  • Cost efficiency. We use the best materials at the best prices due to our ongoing cooperation with our selected suppliers.

Business Location Renovations

Renovation of a professional space is particularly demanding in terms of design and delivery time as the businessman needs immediate results. We provide comprehensive services that cover the needs of the professional:

  • Study: A comprehensive study is being carried out to improve the space aesthetically, functionally and in terms of energy saving and facilities.
  • Licenses. We undertake the implementation of all the procedures necessary to issue the required licenses.
  • Design & Construction. The design of your space is based on your needs taking into account the local market. Our goal is to highlight your corporate identity, diversify your business space and create a functional and enjoyable environment for both your customers and employees. Design and construction include decoration, lighting, furnishings as well as special constructions.
  • Special Services: It covers the required services for a company such as security technician, fire safety.
  • Technical support after the delivery of the project.

Petroulakis – Renovation & Construction is next to you as a partner and offers:

  1. Fast delivering projects.
  2. Non-stop work on the project.
  3. Written offer & 3D design presentation of the renovated space.
  4. Written contract with locked budget and delivery time.
  5. Exempting the customer from any bureaucratic process eg licenses, town planning etc.

We undertake the renovation of professional spaces such as:

  • Stores
  • Offices
  • Seminar rooms
  • Medical and Doctor offices
  • Pharmacies
  • Bakeries
  • Patisseries
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel facilities
  • Cafeterias
  • Entertainment centers

Building Restorations

Petroulakis – Renovation & Construction offers its customers the opportunity to renovate their home with utmost respect for both the building’s specifications and the surrounding environment.

For the restoration of a building, both engineers and workshops need a great deal of knowledge of both modern methods of construction with traditional materials and techniques.

In each building particular care is taken in the field of safety. So, after static testing, reinforcements are made where necessary and replace items that can no longer be used (eg roof).

Of great importance are the maintenance work of the masonry which usually includes sandblast or waterblast of the stone as well as masonry work.

The purpose of restoration, apart from preserving the characteristics of the building, is to incorporate it as much as possible of the comforts of modern construction and its energy upgrading. Thus, with the replacement of this roof, it can be thermally insulated, become an internal thermal insulation of the masonry, change of frames, an energy fireplace. Also new plumbing and electrical installation and installation of heating according to the modern specifications.

We are at your disposal for any queries and we will be glad to visit with you one of our projects to see a sample of our work.

Energy Upgrade

Petroulakis – Renovation & Construction, fully harmonized with the needs of modern times, offers its customers a high level of Energy Upgrading Services for their home or business.

Energy upgrading interventions are designed and implemented in relation to the space and the individual requirements of each customer, aiming at the modernization of the facilities and the reduction of operating costs.

Thus, our Specialized Engineer visits the site free of charge and, in cooperation with the customer, proposes the ideal solution, depending on the requirements and the budget it has decided. The above proposals are demonstrated by the elaboration of an energy study showing the energy savings achieved through the proposed interventions.

The financing of the above interventions can be done with equity capital, using subsidized programs offered by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (home saving program) or by private banking programs.

Energy Upgrade Installations:

  • External insulation
    Our company implements external thermal insulation interventions for buildings to reduce their losses in relation to the external environment. Upon completion of the work, the system is guaranteed and certified.
  • Frames replacement
    Old window frames are one of the main reasons for making a building energy-intensive. So we replace them with new, high energy and design specifications, in order to drastically reduce the consumption of the building.
  • Room lighting
    Depending on the project lighting needs, we perform either large-scale interventions by re-designing the lighting system, or simply replacing lamps with a corresponding luminous power.
  • Heating – Air conditioning
    We improve or replace heating and air conditioning systems with new lower operating costs (eg heat pumps, gas boilers, etc.)
  • Hot water plumbing
    Hot water production is for some categories of businesses (eg hotels) and for residences, a major part of operating costs. So we design the best energy solution for your building, which can be combined with the heating system for optimal energy savings.
  • Renewable energy sources
    In the context of the energy upgrading of the building, the installation of renewable energy systems also plays an important role, which gives the ability to produce the electricity the house consumes.

Building Permits

The terminology “issuing a building permit” prevailing in the Greek market has unfortunately given secondary importance to its actual content.

In fact, this is not about issuing a “paper”, but about the process of preparing all the necessary studies, checking them by the relevant Building Service, as well as carrying out the supervision by the lawful engineers and secure the construction work.

The legal studies necessary to issue a building permit are as follows:

  • Topographical Diagram
  • Architecture Study
  • Structural design Study
  • Building Energy Efficiency Study (KENAK)
  • Electrical and Mechanical Installations Study

For all of the above there should be supervision by a specialist engineer.

Special attention should be paid by the owners to the above because the proper study and supervision of their building by specialists minimizes the chances of poor workmanship that can lead to unsafe constructions as well as to unjustified over costings.

Establishment and Operating Permits

Our company has extensive experience in designing all studies and in carrying out all procedures for issuing licenses for a wide range of businesses.

We suggest to our prospective clients to consult an expert before renting or buying a site, in order to know if he meets the necessary standards for housing their business.

Petroulakis – Renovation & Construction, for this purpose, offers this service free of charge to its customers in order to fully cover them with additional costs and difficulties during the process of setting up their business.

Some of the businesses (examples per category) that need a license to set up and operate are shown below:

  1. Stores of health interest such as
    Entertainment centers
    Hair Salons
    Grocery stores
    Mini markets
  2. Professional workshops
    Woodworking shops
    Sewing workshops
    Aluminum processing workshops
    Printing houses

  3. Car Washes
  4. Car repair workshops
  5. Parking lots
  6. Pharmacies-Pharmacy Warehouses

Turn-key Building Projects

The modern way of life and its intense rhythms do not allow the modern man to construct the house or the building in general of his dreams with constant supervision by himself of the work being carried out. Also, the rapid technological development and implementation of new technologies in the field of building practice make prohibiting and dangerous more than ever to engage non-professionals in these sectors.

Petroulakis – Renovation & Construction comes to meet this need by providing high quality services to its customers.

It is worth mentioning that we are a technical and not a trading company and thus has no commitment on the way and the materials of construction and has great flexibility in their choice. Thus, for example, the structure of a building, depending on many individual technical and economic parameters, can be constructed either from metal or concrete.

The steps we follow in order to get the house or building you want with the minimum of your effort are the following.

  1. Discussion with the client on housing or other special needs such as number of rooms, people with special needs or any other building requirement related to the use of the building.
  2. Presentation by our company of our proposals (floor plans) as they are tailored to meet your needs.
    At this stage we present detailed technical job descriptions and material specifications to be reviewed by the client.
  3. We make any change requested by the client and we present in the photorealistic (3D) the exterior of the building in order to understand better the solution that we have chosen.
  4. We are finalizing the floor plans, “lock” the budget and proceeding, based on the final plans, to the process of issuing the necessary building permit.
    At the same time, we sign the necessary agreement that can be subjected to any technical or legal check and make the necessary adjustments.
  5. After the building permit is issued, the construction of your building begins, and you are informed in writing at each stage of construction both technically and economically.

We commit that you receive the key of your building at a predetermined date with the predefined specifications.

It will be our pleasure to show you on-site samples of our work and chat with our clients who have already built their homes with us.

Building arbitrary arrangement

The staff of Petroulakis – Renovation & Construction is made up of qualified engineers of all specialties with full knowledge of planning legislation.

With full responsibility and respect for your property and legislation we undertake the procedures for the regulation of your property. At the end of the process you will receive accurate designs of your current state of ownership, free from the stress of future checks.

Safety Engineer

Under the law, all businesses if they employ even one worker must have a Safety Engineer. (Presidential Decree 17/96, Article 4, paragraphs 1 and 2).

The Safety Engineer should work with the company to provide suggestions and advice, in writing or orally, on matters related to Occupational Safety and prevention of accidents at work.

Written instructions must be entered in a company’s specialty book called “Technical Safety Booklet“. Also, the employer has an obligation to take note of the instructions entered in this book.

The engineers of Petroulakis – Renovation & Construction provide Organized Technical Assistance Services and are close to you to meet every need.

Energy Certificate

Petroulakis – Renovation & Construction undertakes the conduct of Energy Inspections in residential buildings and business premises and the issue of Energy Performance Certificate.

The energy certificate is required in a building of 50m2 or more in the following cases:

  • In every new rental apartment, residential building as well as business premises.
  • In every purchase of a building or part of a building.
  • Upon completion of the construction of a new or radically renovated building.
  • For the integration of housing in the “Home saving” program (1st certificate) and after the completion of the works for their certification (2nd certificate).

Studies & Design

Each professional space, depending on its use, has particular requirements arising from the applicable legislation. Taking into account these particular requirements as well as the operational needs of the business, we design your space and provide you with complete construction drawings and photorealistic representations.

In any case, we can also take over the licensing of the business and carry out all the necessary procedures.

Public sector

The executives of the company are registered in the Ministry of the Environment and Physical Planning and have degrees B ‘and C’ in classes 9/14/15. The company is also able through its network of associates to assemble engineers of all specialties who hold various degrees in order to complete the study group for each type of building project.

Interior Design & Decoration

The space you live and work for is unique. There you spend most of the day.

The Petroulakis – Renovation & Construction team, including Engineers, Decorators, Lighting Specialists, is close to you to personalize your personal space. We discuss with you to design according to the personality of the people who live in it, the practical needs, the functionality. The goal is to create a positive energy space that reflects the personality of people living or working in it.

For the process of your project we will discuss your needs,  study the place and present you a 3D photorealistic presentation. We will also discuss about the available materials.

The decoration includes the choice of materials such as furniture, decorative items, the study and implementation of lighting as well as special constructions.

Renovation Offer

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  • Full Bathroom Renovation
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