About Us

Petroulakis – Renovation & Construction is a Technical and Construction company operating in Chania, Crete in the field of Construction and Renovation of professional and private spaces.

Our company offers a team of experienced engineers with long-standing presence and a rich list of projects in their assets. The successful course of the company is due to the know-how and responsibility of its founders as well as to the special weight and attention given to the selection of partners, specialized workshops and suppliers, which is strict and constantly evaluated.

Innovation is the heart and philosophy of our company. New ideas, techniques, use of modern and innovative materials are our approach to every project that we undertake, always focusing on ergonomic design, space aesthetics and functionality.

We provide Integrated Solutions to all services we offer, from licensing and design to constructionand renovation. Our clients include individuals, professionals and in public services sector. Our goal is to provide high quality services that satisfy the customers and create a relationship with them so that we are next to them for every technical need.

We hear your needs, we design, we take care and ensure the best for you and your property.